Your community needs what you have to offer

How do you like to help? Start there and keep growing!
Linda pointing with group at Berkeley READS

Before COVID, Key to Community team members meet at Berkeley READS to plan and also to support each other.

We each have gifts we share with the people around us. Some of these talents and skills come naturally and others have grown with practice. These are examples of different ways that Key to Community team members and friends are showing their care for their communities:

  • Cleaning up the neighborhood
  • Paying attention to the news and sharing what is happening in the community
  • Listening to what people care about
  • Connecting with and helping people who are living in fear
  • Helping people learn by sparking their curiosity
  • Bringing creative ideas for every situation
  • Being an inspiring presenter
  • Bringing passion and energy to making things happen

Alma Hernandez Miller has a special gift. She listens with her heart as well as her ears. That may be in part because she has a daughter who is deaf. Alma is fluent in American Sign Language and also fluent in the language of the heart. She listened to everyone's hopes for this project and came up with this insight that we were all "Growing the Good in Our Communities."

In this photo, members of the Key to Community team hold signs with what they are bringing to their communities. What do you bring to your community?

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