People are Growing the Good everywhere

See the extraordinary inside the "ordinary"
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We may feel like “someone else” is in charge of improving things. Communities that work well involve all of their community members. You do not have to be an official leader to make your neighborhood a better place to live. You are probably doing things right now that are helping other people.

In every neighborhood and every city, there are extraordinary “ordinary” people improving their local quality of life. Here are just a few of the examples of what our library-based friends are doing across the state:

  • Sharing a spare room with someone who needs it
  • Volunteering at the local school
  • Distributing food
  • Getting trash cans installed in the neighborhood
  • Helping a neighbor who was frail
  • Advocating for people with different needs
  • Park and beach clean ups
  • Starting up a teen support group
"We elect 'decisions-makers' but we all can be change makers. Resonja Willoughby

In addition to these examples in our local communities, there are unsung heroes working for change at the regional, state or national level. Key to Community team member Phebe Dennis-Fortt started a non-profit, Relief Inc., to help people in Liberia.

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