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ALLI Community Video Shoot

Here are community leaders sharing their stories about how they contribute to their communities, at an Adult Learner Leadership Institute gathering at the Benicia Public Library.

There are many ways that people choose to get involved in their communities. This 6 minute video features a panel discussion during a statewide Leadership Institute and additional interviews with extraordinary "ordinary" people.

The video starts with local innovator ReJoyce Ross explaining how she single-handedly started an after school program. Across all of the great examples, these grassroots leaders share how they get as much or more out of what they are doing as they give. They talk about new connections, new skills and good feelings that keep then coming back for more.

"You get to find out who you are when you are giving...if you do it from your heart, you're going to grow."
"It's that great feeling of knowing you're making a difference in someone's life."

What has been your experience getting involved in your community? What have you learned? Were there parts that were challenging? What kept you motivated? We are gathering stories and want to share yours!

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