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Voter registration

To be eligible to vote in California, you need to be 18 years or older and a U.S. Citizen. Register to vote or check your registration at It is a website of the statewide elections office. This website has many helpful features. It will link you to your county elections office and you can sign up for ballot tracking. This is what you will see when you visit The website offers a way to choose different languages besides English.

If you prefer to register with the paper form, call 800-345-VOTE (8683) to have one mailed to you. Or you can pick up a voter registration form at the post office. If your library is open, they may have forms too.

If you have registered before, you only need to register again if you have moved or want to change your name or your political party.

  • Make sure to register with the name you will use when you vote (i.e., signing on the ballot envelope or when you sign in at a voting location); it needs to match
  • If someone doesn’t have a permanent mailing address, they can still register to vote.
    • For their residence, describe the cross streets or location.
    • For where they want to get mail, see if they have a place or organization that will receive mail for them. They can use any address where they will be able to receive and get their ballot packet and Sample Ballot.
  • When you register in California, you will be asked if you want to choose one of the six political parties that are listed. Or, you can mark the box that says you do not want to register with a political party.
Whether you register with a political party or choose “no party”, you can vote for any candidate from any party in a November General Election.

After you have signed up, click here to read about your choices for voting by mail or voting in person.

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