What does “community” mean to you?

Connecting with the people around you is good for you and good for your community
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At the Key to Community Project, we most often think about community as the place about where we live, our neighborhood and the people around us in our city or town. You may have other kinds of communities you belong to as well.

Have you lived in the same place a long time? A short time? Whether you are a newcomer, long timer or in between, research shows that being connected to your community is good for you and good for your community.

"I feel safest when I know my neighbors. Let's not build fences; let's build friendships." Student at Oakland Library's Second Start

We share land, space, roads, parks and resources with the people around us. Our lives are interconnected and also with our environment. Everyone who lives in your area can be a “community member.” You can be shy or outgoing, quiet or active. Whatever your style, you can contribute your talents and ideas to Growing the Good in your community.

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