What is on my Ballot?

Voting is not a test! Scan your choices and decide which ones you want to really pay attention to.
Susans Ballot

This is the back side of a ballot for California's November 3 election with state propositions and local ballot measures. The front side had candidate choices.

On their ballot for any statewide election, California voters will see:

  • People -- candidates for offices in national, state and local government
  • Proposed Laws -- at the state level, these are called "propositions"; at the local level, these are called "ballot measures"

What is on your ballot is based on where you live. Visit VotersEdge.org and enter your address to see a complete list of the candidates and measures on your ballot. They are also listed in the Sample Ballot mailed to you by your County Elections office.

Although the ballot is long and may feel overwhelming, remember that voting is NOT like taking a test. You get to choose what you want to vote on.

To get an overview of the election and the state propositions in California, use the nonpartisan Easy Voter Guide which is edited by members of the Key to Community team. Here is a link to the Easy Voter Guide for the last election:

Complete 16 page Easy Voter Guide for Californias Nov 3 2020 Election as a PDF

Visit the Easy Voter Guide website if you want to download the guide in Spanish, Chinese, Korean or Vietnamese. Or, use these links to download the sections you want:

2 page overview of electing the President and the Electoral College

Half page summaries of all 12 CA state propositions for November 3 2020

1 page overview of local elected offices that relate to the justice system

If you want an audio version, click this link for a recording of the entire Easy Voter Guide, with thanks to Kendra Demler.

For more information about what was on the November 3, 2020 ballot in California and the 12 state propositions, watch the What is on My Ballot 60 minute workshop delivered by the Key to Community team:


After you know what is on your ballot, you can start deciding which thing you want to learn more about. Click here for help in how to make choices so you can vote.

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