Who represents me?

Learn about the levels of government
193715 California State Capitol

This is the outside of the California State Capitol building in Sacramento.

You have representatives that are elected to serve you in national, state and local government. It is your right to communicate with your representatives. You can call, write or email them with your thoughts and questions.

National Government

If you live in California like the Key to Community team, your two U.S. Senators are:

Dianne Feinstein

Kamala Harris

Click this link to find your representative in the House of Representatives.

State Government

To find your representatives in the state legislature who serve in Sacramento, you can click this link http://findyourrep.legislature. Enter your address to find links to your state assembly member and state senator.

Local Government

You can Google your county government to see your county supervisors. There will be a map that you can use to find your district to see which elected Supervisor represents your part of your county. At your city website, find the tab for City Council to see who represents you. In some cities, the mayor is elected by the people. In other cities, the job of mayor rotates each year between council members.

You also have elected representatives in your local school district and community college district. Other “special districts” may include park districts, transportation services and utilities.

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